Decentralized borrowing, with no collateral.
Teller connects to your bank account, DeFi wallet, and Fortune Teller NFT, to offer risk-assessed loans, without the need for collateral. Live on Ethereum Mainnet.
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Teller is a decentralized, non-custodial liquidity pool, where users can participate as liquidity providers, by depositing assets, and borrowers, by connecting their bank accounts or staking their Fortune Teller NFTs. We are currently available on Ethereum Mainnet.
Audited and Verified
Audited and verified by leading blockchain security firms.
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Bug Bounty Program
Immunefi $50k+ Bug
Bounty Program.
Hack at any of the listed contracts on Teller’s Immunefi bug bounty program. Payouts based on bug severity.
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Dive deep into the protocol mechanics and industry leading technology of Teller.
Teller was founded under the hypothesis that zero-collateral loans could be brought to the blockchain space.
Backed by industry leading investors, Teller is on a mission to change the future of credit.
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