Lend & borrow, on ENS, NFTs, Tokens

Lend and borrow against ENS names, NFTs, and ERC20s. Oracle-less lending protocol with time-based liquidation.

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How it works

Order-book lending

Boost yield on your idle assets

Lend to over 1,000 token pairs at the same time, with the same capital.

Borrow with no early liquidations

Oracle-free loans with time-based liquidations and no protocol liquidity risk.

Loop your tokens to maximize your position

Use any collateral for a loan, then swap that asset to borrow even more.

Insured up to $2.2m, audited by Sherlock

Insured up to $2.2m,

audited by Sherlock

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Earn Teller Points

Eligible lenders and borrowers receive points from loan activity.

Backed by leading investors
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